Daniel Carr Providing Spark To Canadien's Fourth Line


The following article appeared at montrealgazette.com on December 7, 2017 featuring Union College alum Daniel Carr, who has been playing efficient hockey as a member of the Montreal Canadiens.

By Marc Dumont 

The Canadiens aren’t known as an offensive superpower in the NHL. Most seasons, they are somewhere near the middle of the pack in goals scored.

This season has been much of the same, although they’ve had a recent uptick in goals scored, most notably during the home-and-home series against the Red Wings in which they scored 16 goals — almost 20 per cent of their 2017-18 output. 

Until the Red Wings series, the Canadiens had only three sources of offensive production: the top three lines. The fourth line went 26 games without scoring. With a combined salary of just over $2 million U.S. — which ballooned to almost $3 million while Torrey Mitchell was on the team — you can’t realistically expect much in terms of offensive contributions, but you would expect a goal or two sprinkled in every month.

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