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Matt Carey looking to find a role in the Chocolate and White

Matt Carey looking to find a role in the Chocolate and White

The following article appeared on on Thursday, September 28 featuring former St. Lawrence alum Matt Carey.

By Kyle Mace

Matt Carey was in a rough spot with the Hartford Wolf Pack last season. A team that only won 24 games in 2016-17 was not the ideal situation for the 25-year-old.

“My first year in Rockford, I’d tell all the rookies, when I was a rookie in Rockford, we got it good,” said Carey on the first day of Bears training camp. “They showed us right off the bat that if you mess around, they showed you, or they told you how to act and stuff like that. I don’t think last year in Hartford – we didn’t hold enough accountability. I think [Hershey] does hold accountability, so I think that’s what the attitude shows and accountability is probably big for this team.”

That sort of attitude could help Carey earn a contract with Hershey this season. Before training camp, the Hamilton native signed a professional tryout contract with the Bears and is attempting to make the team. “It covers us in terms of if something changes in Washington,” said head coach Troy Mann. “We just wanted to get a little bit more experience in here. It was a tough summer across the board for a number of players.

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