Remember When: Brad Tapper

Photo by Dale Woltman/Chicago Wolves
Photo by Dale Woltman/Chicago Wolves

The following article featuring former Rensselaer standout Brad Tapper appeared November 2 on the Chicago Wolves Web site.


In 15 years, the Chicago Wolves have experienced moments of greatness and joy, and moments of sadness and loss. Brad Tapper, a right wing from 2001-04, experienced firsthand how quickly the ups and downs can come. For Tapper, the greatness came first.

“Winning the Calder Cup in 2002 is by far my favorite Wolves memory,” he quickly stated. “It was just unbelievable.”

Just four short months later, when Tapper should have been basking in the success of the previous season, he was mourning the loss of his teammate, roommate and close friend, Dan Snyder.

“Being without Dan Snyder was tough, it was hard to play there when he passed away,” Tapper said after a moment of reflection. “He made such a huge impact in Chicago and it was tough to overcome playing without him. I lived with him during the season. He was such a great player and I spent a lot of time going to the rink and home with him, it was hard without him.”

For Tapper, celebrating the life of his former teammate was best done by following in his footsteps - participating in community events and raising money for Wolves charities.

“Shirts Off Their Backs” was one of my favorite community events with the Wolves,” Tapper recalled. “We raised a lot of money by signing and giving away our jerseys after the last game of the season. I was chosen to be the MC for it and it was just a great experience. It was great being there; it is like you are a part of a big family. Everything was awesome, the fans were great. The charity we did for the community was great too,” he concluded.

Tapper spent three seasons with the Wolves that can be compared to a roller-coaster ride. As a player he saw victory and defeat, and as a member of the Wolves family he saw how quickly tragedy could be turned into triumph.