The Harvard Hulk Crushes Competition

Photo by Kevin Burns
Photo by Kevin Burns

The following article featuring Harvard defenseman Danny Biega appeared June 4 on the Yahoo! Sports Web site.


By Sunaya Sapurji
Yahoo! Sports

TORONTO—When Danny Biega returns to school in September he might have a new nickname on campus: The Harvard Hulk.

While Taylor Hall and Tyler Seguin did most of the talking as the highly-sought-after top prospects at the recent NHL draft combine, it was Biega who did the heavy lifting. The 18-year-old was one of the best performers, having finished first out of a 100 other prospects in most of the upper body tests including grip strength in both hands, bench press, push/pull strength and a power test using a four-kilogram ball.

Hall passed on the fitness test at the combine with the easy-to-appreciate alibi of having played a long season that ended five days before the combine with a second straight MVP award at the MasterCard Memorial Cup. Biega took full advantage of his season ending a couple of months earlier to properly prepare for himself.

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