Ken Dryden Says Change Can’t Wait: End N.H.L. Head Hits Now

Credit Richard Wolowicz/Getty Images
Credit Richard Wolowicz/Getty Images

The folowing article appeared on on Wednesday, January 3, 2018 featuring former Cornell great Ken Dryden.

By Stephen Smith

Awareness is important — people need to know, acknowledge and understand — but at a certain point, it’s time to act.

That’s what Ken Dryden decided two years ago when he started writing the book “Game Change: The Life and Death of Steve Montador, and the Future of Hockey,” which was published in the fall.

A Hall of Famer and a six-time Stanley Cup champion with the Montreal Canadiens, Dryden, 70, was one of 15 goaltenders to be named in 2017 to a list of the “100 Greatest N.H.L. Players.” In the years since he retired from the Canadiens, he has served as the president of the Toronto Maple Leafs and as a cabinet minister in Canada’s government. He has never stopped thinking and writing about hockey. The book he wrote soon after he retired from the N.H.L., “The Game,” from 1983, may be the most insightful reflection on the sport ever published.

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