Iconic Dryden Statue Finds a New Home

Iconic Dryden Statue Finds a New Home

The following article featuring former Cornell standout Ken Dryden appeared August 30 on the Montreal Gazette Web site.



MONTREAL - In the days following the May 2 federal election where Ken Dryden lost his Toronto seat in Parliament and his Liberals were decimated to third-party status, it would have been difficult for the former Canadiens Hall of Fame goaltender to feel much worse.

Then he got a call from Montreal, and for an instant, he did.

“It was about four or five days after we lost the election in May, and I get a call saying they’re taking the statue out of Place Vertu,” Dryden said yesterday. “I thought, Oh geez. I mean, you lose an election, you lose the statue, this is like a regime change.”

“The statue” is Ottawa-born Robin Bell’s iconic bronze sculpture The Goalie, which sat in the Place Vertu shopping mall for 26 years before being re-unveiled on the Métro level of Place Montreal Trust Tuesday by Ivanhoé Cambridge.

The statue depicts Dryden in his familiar stance, both hands resting on the butt of his goalie stick during stoppages in play or the sometimes eternal stretches those Canadiens dynasty teams from the 1970s spent in the offensive zone.

The position has come to be known as the thinking pose, but Dryden says it had a far more practical purpose.

“I was thinking about having a rest, it was a resting pose,” Dryden said standing next to the statue yesterday. “The odd part was how it came to symbolize something else, and the nice part is what it came to symbolize. When you’re a goalie, what you want to do more than anything is let your teammates know that things are OK. So you guys go and do all the stuff that’s so hard to score goals, because we’re okay back here.”