Revelstoke’s Aaron Volpatti’s Heart Still in the Game

Revelstoke’s Aaron Volpatti’s Heart Still in the Game

The following article appeared on on Friday, March 17, 2017, featuring Brown alum, Aaron Volpatti.

By Lachlan Labere

Former NHL'er Aaron Volpatti enjoys sharing what more than a decade of experience on the ice taught him with young hockey players.

Volpatti will be back in his hometown of Revelstoke this weekend to be a guest speaker at Sunday night's banquet to kick off the B.C. Hockey Championships Bantam Tier 4 tournament, which runs from March 19–23. He said he'll be open to questions from the kids and will be offering advice on what worked for him throughout his career, which included a year with the Revelstoke Grizzlies, three seasons with the Vernon Vipers, a successful four seasons with Brown University in Rhode Island, three seasons with the Vancouver Canucks and two with the Washington Capitals.

The 31-year-old Volpatti, who retired from the NHL after receiving a neck injury, says he enjoys talking to young hockey players about the game, and is humbled by the experience.

"A lot of people think or they ask you, 'do you get tired of this stuff?' You don't really," said Volpatti. "It's always good to sort of relive those memories of playing. For me it hasn't been too long, but I know, even talking to some of the older retired guys around here, we all agree, it's sort of a humbling thing. It takes you back to the good times you were playing. It's about the kids too, remembering when we were that age.

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