2016 ECAC Men's Hockey Championship Fan Guide

2016 ECAC Men's Hockey Championship Fan Guide


2016 CHA Consulting ECAC Men's Hockey Championship

March 18-19

1980 Rink - Herb Brooks Arena
2634 Main St. 

Lake Placid, NY 12946



Lake Placid annually hosted the ECAC Men’s Hockey Championship for a 10-year period from 1993-02 and as well as in 2014 and 2015. The arena has been used several times for college hockey championships in the United States. It hosted the 1970, 1984 and 1988 NCAA Men’s Ice Hockey Championship, commonly referred to as the Frozen Four. The arena has hosted the NCAA Women’s Ice Hockey Championship as well, in 2007.

The 13,450-seat multi-purpose venue was constructed for the 1980 Winter Olympics and seats approximately 7,700 for hockey. 

Harvard University - click here for complete list of tournament champions.

Friday, March 18
Semifinal Game One - Quinnipiac 3, Dartmouth 1
Semifinal Game Two - Harvard 2, St. Lawrence 1 (OT)

Saturday, March 19
Championship Game - Quinnipiac 4 vs. Harvard 1

ECAC Hockey has partnered with American Sports Network (ASN) to televise the 2016 semifinals and championship game March 18-19 at the 1980 Rink - Herb Brooks Arena, Lake Placid N.Y.

Eric Frede will be the play-by-play announcer with Colby Cohen providing color commentary.

Find the ASN channel in your area below for the Championship Game:

Championship Game - Harvard vs. Quinnipiac - 7:36 p.m.

  • WBMA-3 (ASN) AL-Birmingham
  • Cox Sports TV (Ft. Smith, AR) AR-Ft. Smith-F'ville
  • Cox Sports TV (Jonesboro, AR) AR-Jonesboro
  • Cox Sports TV (Phoenix, AZ) AZ-Phoenix
  • Cox Sports TV (Tucson, AZ) AZ-Tucson
  • Cox Sports TV (San Diego, CA) CA-San Diego
  • Cox Sports TV (Santa Barbara) CA-Santa Barbara
  • SportsNet NY (SNY) (Hartford) CT-Hartford
  • WCCT (CW) CT-Hartford
  • WTIC-2 (Antenna TV) CT-Hartford
  • CSN New England (Hartford, CT) CT-Hartford
  • Cox Sports TV-Gainesville, FL FL-Gainesville
  • Cox Sports TV-Panama City, FL FL-Panama City
  • Cox Sports TV (Macon, GA) GA-Macon
  • Cox Sports TV (Topeka, KS) KS-Topeka
  • Cox Sports TV (Wichita, KS) KS-Wichita
  • Cox Sports TV (Alexandria, LA) LA-Alexandria
  • Cox Sports TV -Baton Rouge, LA LA-Baton Rouge
  • Cox Sports TV (Lafayette, LA) LA-Lafayette
  • Cox Sports TV-Lake Charles, LA LA-Lake Charles
  • Cox Sports TV (New Orleans) LA-New Orleans
  • CSN New England (Boston, MA) MA-Boston
  • CSN New England (Springfield) MA-Springfield
  • WUTB-3 (ASN) MD-Baltimore
  • CSN New England (Bangor, ME) ME-Bangor
  • WGME-3 (ASN) ME-Portland/Auburn
  • CSN New England (Portland, ME) ME-Portland/Auburn
  • Cox Sports TV-Joplin/Pitts, MO MO-Joplin/Pittsburg
  • Cox Sports TV (Greenwood, MS) MS-Greenwood
  • WXLV-2 (ASN) NC-Greensboro
  • WLFL-2 (ASN) NC-Raleigh/Durham
  • Cox Sports TV (Omaha, NE) Nebraska-Omaha
  • Cox Sports TV (Las Vegas, NV) Nevada-Las Vegas
  • SportsNet NY (SNY) (Albany) NY-Albany
  • WRGB-2 (This TV) NY-Albany
  • SportsNet NY (SNY)(Binghamton) NY-Binghamton
  • SportsNet NY (SNY) (Buffalo) NY-Buffalo
  • WNYO-2 (ASN) NY-Buffalo
  • SportsNet NY (SNY) (Elmira) NY-Elmira
  • SportsNet NY (SNY) (New York) NY-New York
  • WRNN-2 (ASN) NY-New York
  • SportsNet NY (SNY) (Rochester) NY-Rochester
  • SportsNet NY (SNY) (Syracuse) NY-Syracuse
  • SportsNet NY (SNY) (Utica) NY-Utica
  • SportsNet NY (SNY) (Watertown) NY-Watertown
  • WKRC-3 (ASN) Ohio-Cincinnati
  • Cox Sports TV (Cleveland, OH) Ohio-Cleveland/Akron
  • WTTE-3 (ASN) Ohio-Columbus
  • WKEF-2 (ASN) Ohio-Dayton
  • WNWO-2 (ASN) Ohio-Toledo
  • Cox Sports TV (Oklahoma City) OK-Oklahoma City
  • Cox Sports TV (Tulsa, OK) OK-Tulsa
  • CSN Northwest (Bend, OR) OR-Bend
  • CSN Northwest (Eugene, OR) OR-Eugene
  • CSN Northwest (Medford, OR) OR-Medford
  • CSN Northwest (Portland, OR) OR-Portland
  • WPNT-2 (ASN) PA-Pittsburgh
  • SportsNet NY (SNY) (Wlk-Barre) PA-Wilkes Barre
  • WSWB-4 (ASN) PA-Wilkes Barre
  • CSN New England (Providence) RI-Providence
  • WACH-2 (ASN) SC-Columbia
  • WWMB-3 (ASN) SC-Myrtle Beach
  • WNAB-2 (ASN) TN-Nashville
  • Cox Sports TV (Waco, TX) TX-Waco/Temple
  • WTVZ-2 (ASN) VA-Norfolk/Portsmou
  • Cox Sports TV (Norfolk, VA) VA-Norfolk/Portsmou
  • WSET-2 (ASN) VA-Roanoke
  • Cox Sports TV (Roanoke, VA) VA-Roanoke
  • CSN New England (Burlington) VT-Burlington

Championship Game - Tape Delay - 3/20 - 4:30 p.m.

  • CSN Chicago -Cedar Rapids, IA IA-Cedar Rapids 03-20-2016 4:30 PM
  • CSN Chicago (Davenport, IA) IA-Davenport/Quad C 03-20-2016 4:30 PM
  • CSN Chicago (Des Moines, IA) IA-Des Moines/Ames 03-20-2016 4:30 PM
  • CSN Chicago (Ottumwa, IA) IA-Ottumwa 03-20-2016 4:30 PM
  • CSN Chicago (Sioux City, IA) IA-Sioux City 03-20-2016 4:30 PM
  • CSN Chicago (Champaign, IL) IL-Champaign 03-20-2016 4:30 PM
  • CSN Chicago (Chicago, IL) IL-Chicago 03-20-2016 4:30 PM
  • CSN Chicago (Peoria, IL) IL-Peoria 03-20-2016 4:30 PM
  • CSN Chicago (Quincy, IL) IL-Quincy 03-20-2016 4:30 PM
  • CSN Chicago (Rockford, IL) IL-Rockford 03-20-2016 4:30 PM
  • CSN Chicago (Evansville, IN) IN-Evansville 03-20-2016 4:30 PM
  • CSN Chicago (Ft. Wayne, IN) IN-Ft. Wayne 03-20-2016 4:30 PM
  • CSN Chicago (Indianapolis) IN-Indianapolis 03-20-2016 4:30 PM
  • CSN Chicago (Lafayette, IN) IN-Lafayette 03-20-2016 4:30 PM
  • CSN Chicago (South Bend, IN) IN-South Bend 03-20-2016 4:30 PM
  • CSN Chicago (Terre Haute, IN) IN-Terre Haute 03-20-2016 4:30 PM

  • CSN Chicago (Madison, WI) WI-Madison

ASN is a division of Sinclair Networks Group, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sinclair Broadcast Group, Inc., the largest and one of the most diversified television broadcasting companies in the country with 164 television stations it owns, operates and/or provides services to in 81 markets, broadcasting 467 channels. Sinclair’s portfolio reaches approximately 43 million television households and is affiliated with all the major networks. Sinclair is the leading local news provider in the country, as well as a producer of sports content. Sinclair’s broadcast content is delivered via multiple-platforms, including over-the-air, multi-channel video program distributor and digital platforms. In addition, ASN’s content is syndicated to other broadcasters and regional sports networks. ASN, which launched in August 2014, produced 250 college events in nine sports in its first year and plans to air more than 375 events in the 2015/2016 academic year.

All ECAC Hockey tournament games will be available for viewing by a global audience and be aired through www.ecachockey.com through the technology of BoxCast.

Fans can watch on mobile devices as well as standard PCs and Macs. The games will be available on iOS devices as well as Androids.

Fans can purchase a game for $9.95 (US) for viewing directly from www.ecachockey.com.

TSN GO will also feature the the championship game.

Links can be found on the league's composite schedule - http://ecachockey.com/composite.


Fans can get instant information by signing up and following ECAC Hockey on twitter @ECACHOCKEYMWD1.


FIRST ROUND (Friday, March 4 - Sunday, March 6 - Best-of-three games)
No. 12 Princeton at No. 5 Clarkson (Clarkson wins series, 2-0)
Friday, March 4: Clarkson 3, Princeton 2 (2ot)
Saturday, March 5: Clarkson 3, Princeton 2 (ot)

No. 11 Brown at No. 6 Rensselaer
(Rensselaer wins series, 2-0)
Friday, March 4: Rensselaer 3, Brown 2
Saturday, March 5: Rensselaer 4, Brown 3

No. 10 Colgate at No. 7 Dartmouth
(Dartmouth wins series, 2-1)
Friday, March 4: Dartmouth 3, Colgate 2 (ot)
Saturday, March 5: Colgate 5, Dartmouth 3
Sunday, March 6: Dartmouth 4, Colgate 3 (2ot)

No. 9 Union at No. 8 Cornell
(Cornell wins series, 2-0)
Friday, March 4: Cornell 1, Union 0
Saturday, March 5: Cornell 2, Union 1

QUARTERFINALS (Friday, March 11 - Sunday, March 13 - Best-of-three games)
(Winners of first-round series at home arenas of top four seeds)

No. 8 Cornell at No. 1 Quinnipiac (Quinnipiac wins series, 2-1)
Friday, March 11: Quinnipiac 5, Cornell 2
Saturday, March 12: Cornell 5, Quinnipiac 4
Sunday, March 13: Quinnipiac 6, Cornell 3

No. 7 Dartmouth at No. 2 Yale (Dartmouth wins series, 2-0)
Friday, March 11: Dartmouth 4, Yale 3 (ot)
Saturday, March 12: Dartmouth 2, Yale 1

No. 6 Rensselaer at No. 3 Harvard (Harvard wins series, 2-0)
Friday, March 11: Harvard 5, Rensselaer 2
Saturday, March 12: Harvard 8, Rensselaer 2

No. 5 Clarkson at No. 4 St. Lawrence (St. Lawrence wins series, 2-0)
Friday, March 11: St. Lawrence 3, Clarkson 2 (ot)
Saturday, March 12: St. Lawrence 3, Clarkson 2 (2ot)

Doors open at 6:30 p.m. Saturday, one hour prior to game time.


All-Session Tickets go on-sale Friday, Jan. 9 at the Olympic Center Box Office and online at http://www.whiteface.com/events/ecac-mens-hockey-championship.

Fans can purchase tickets by calling 518-523-3330 or by visiting the venue.

Adult = $55
Junior/Senior = $45
*Students = $25

Adult = $35
Junior/Senior = $30
*Students = $15

*Discounted Students Tickets will be available on campuses for the participating schools for the championship and at a designated student window at the Olympic Center Box Office.
Adult Ages:  13-64 -- Junior Ages:  12 & Under -- Senior Ages:  65 & Over

Ticketed guests will be permitted to leave the arena after the first game and return for the second game. Guests will need to get their hand stamped at any admission turnstile when they leave the building, and hold onto their tickets for re-admission.

Groups of 20 or more please call 518-523-3330 to qualify for a discount on any session.

Hours are:
Saturday (3/19)  - open 9 a.m. - 8 p.m.



The village is located near the south end of Lake Placid lake. More immediate to the village is Mirror Lake, which lies between the village and Lake Placid. The village has a total area of 1.5 square miles.

Lake Placid is home to a variety of luxurious getaways, rustic accommodations and picturesque Adirondack retreats, providing plenty to choose from.

Lake Placid Visitor’s Bureau at 1-800-275-2243.

Click here to find accommodating Lake Placid hotels, discover off-the-beaten path locations. 

Courtyard Lake Placid  Marriot – 518-523-2900
Golden Arrow Lakeside Resort – 844-898-0924
Adirondack Best Western Inn - 518-523-2424
Hampton Inn Lake Placid – 518-523-9500
Comfort Inn Lake Placid – 518-523-9555
Placid Bay Inn – 518-523-2001

The 1980 Rink - Herb Brooks Arena is located at 2634 Main St., Lake Placid, NY 12946

From New York City, New Jersey and points South
Take the New York State Thruway (I-87) north to Exit 24 (Albany). Take I-87 north (Adirondack Northway) to Exit 30. Pick up Route 9 north and follow it for two miles to Route 73. Continue on Route 73 for 28 Miles to Lake Placid. Drive time from New York City - 5 hours; Albany - 2 1/2 hours

From Boston, Springfield, Hartford
Take the Massachusetts Turnpike (I-90) to Albany. Pick up I-787 north to Cohoes. Connect with Route 7 west to I-87 north. Follow I-87 north (Adirondack Northway) to Exit 30. Pick up Route 9 north and follow it for two miles to Route 73. Continue on Route 73 for 28 Miles to Lake Placid. Drive time from Boston - 5 hours

From Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse and points West
Take I-90 (New York State Thruway) east to Exit 36 (Syracuse). Pick up I-81 north and follow to Watertown. Take Route 3 and follow it east to Saranac Lake, then follow Route 86 east to Lake Placid. Drive time from Buffalo - 5 1/2 hours; from Rochester - 4 1/2 hours; from Syracuse - 3 1/2 hours

From Toronto
, Take 401 east to Cornwall Bridge. Pick up Route 37 east to Malone. Follow Route 30 south to Paul Smiths and pick up Route 86. Continue on Route 86 to Saranac Lake and Lake Placid. Drive time from Toronto - 5 1/2 hours

From Ottawa, 
Take routes south to the Cornwall Bridge. Pick up Route 37 east to Malone. Follow Route 30 south to Paul Smiths and pick up Route 86. Continue on Route 86 to Saranac Lake and Lake Placid. Drive time from Ottawa - 3 hours

From Montreal, 
Take Route 15 south to Champlain crossing, connecting with I-87 (Adirondack Northway) south. Take Exit 34 west, follow Routh 9N, then Route 86 to Wilmington and on to Lake Placid. Drive time from Montreal - 2 hours

Amtrak Operates between New York City and Montreal - local stop in Westport, N.Y. (40 miles from Lake Placid).

For information call 1-800-888-8478. Shuttle bus service to Lake Placid must be arranged with a reservation: 518-523-0294 or 866-226-1152.

The Lake Champlain Region is within two hours driving time of three major airports:
Albany, NY — car rental information
Burlington, VT — car rental information
Montreal, Quebec — car rental information

Adirondack Regional Airport

Airport Identifier: SLK

Located in Lake Clear, 16 miles from Lake Placid, it offers easy access to the entire region.
Hertz and Enterprise rental cars are available on site.
Service by Cape Air. 

Airport Phone: 518-891-4600
Ticket Information: 1-866-CAPE-AIR

Plattsburgh International Airport
Airport identifier: PGB

Just one hour south of Montreal, Plattsburgh International Airport is conveniently located off New York's I-87, on beautiful Lake Champlain serving as "Montreal's U.S. Airport." 

There is daily scheduled flight service between Plattsburgh International Airport and Boston Logan International Airport via Cape Air.

Visit the only Olympic museum in North America that interprets the stories of two Olympic Winter Games – 1932 and 1980. See the extensive collection of Olympic material including items that display Lake Placid's rich sports history from 1895 to present. The displays and exhibits will bring to life the memories and accounts of Olympic achievement through the years. As you journey throughout the museum to see our many treasures, make sure you take some time to watch the never-released historical footage of the 1980 Miracle on Ice hockey game.

Olympic Center
2634 Main St. 
Lake Placid, NY 12946
--- Open Daily from 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.---

Museum Rates
Adult | Teen:  $7
Junior (12 and under):  $5
Senior (65+):  $5
6 & Under:  Free

The Adirondack culinary experience is inspired by the diversity of the natural elements that characterize this magnificent region. From traditional American cuisine in a family-friendly atmosphere to an gourmet dinner within one of its elegant hotels, you're sure to find something to satisfy your craving in one of the many Lake Placid restaurants.

Whether you want a gourmet meal at a AAA Four-Diamond restaurant or you just feel like breakfast in bed, Lake Placid's restaurants provide an array of options from family-style fare in a rustic setting to fine dining amidst the spectacular backdrop that can only be found in the Adirondack Mountains. The Lake Placid region offers dining experiences that will please any palate.

Click here to find a listing of eating establishments.

Visit Lake Placid and invent your own perfect day. Sheltered among the Adirondack Park's six million acres, the alpine village offers endless opportunity for outdoor recreation in any season. Click here for a variety of fun activities or visit www.whiteface.com for details on winter activities.

Tours of the arena are available Monday-Saturday - 10 a.m., 11:30 a.m. and 1 p.m. at a cost of $8.50 per person and can be purchased at the arena Box Office.

The tour begins on the second floor in the Olympic Center down the hall from the 1980 Rink/Herb Brooks Arena.


The Village of Lake Palcid offers free Trolley Service for its visitors.

Click here for current schedule.

The average temperature in Lake Placid for the month of March has been a high of 40 °F degrees and a low of 17 °F degrees.

Click here for the current weather.    



All-Tournament Teams - click here.

2016 All-Tournament Team
F - Travis St. Denis, Quinnipiac
F - Jimmy Vesey, Harvard
F - Landon Smith, Quinnipiac
D - Gavin Bayreuther, St. Lawrence
D - Connor Clifton, Quinnipiac
G - Michael Garteig, Quinnipiac

Most Outstanding Player - Connor Clifton, Quinnipiac

Tournament Records - click here.

Following are the ECAC Men's Hockey Championship policies pertaining to seeding and tie-breaking procedures.

Seeding for championship competition is based on total points accumulated during league contests. In the event teams are tied in the final regular-season standings, the following tiebreakers (listed in order of application) shall be used to determine seeding. (Note: Only League games apply):

Comparison of game results between tied teams (head to head).
Comparison of results of games against the top four teams.
Comparison of results of games against the top eight teams.
Goal differential in head-to-head competition.
Goal differential in games against the top four teams.
Goal differential in games against the top eight teams.

In the case of ties among three or more schools, the criteria will be used in order until a team, or teams, is separated from the pack. At that point, the process will begin anew to break the "new" tie. In other words, when a four-way tie becomes a three-way tie, the three-way tie is treated as a "new" tie and the process begins with the first criterion.

Developed by PrestoSports, the ECAC Hockey Front Row mobile app, which is free of charge, provides fans with the ability to follow the League from any location and at any time.

Features include:

-Schedules and Standings
-News and information from the ECAC Hockey office

-Twitter messages
- Latest scores and upcoming games
-Notifications alerts
-Support for additional links on scoreboards including live audio and video when available
-Scoreboard icons
-Links open within the app

Visit the league's official online store at www.sidlinestores.com. Fans can access the store from the banner link on both the League’s Web site primary men’s and women’s home pages.

Located on Lake Placid's Main Street, the ORDA Store is a good place to begin your visit to the Olympic Region. This is where you can learn about events at the Olympic venues, pick up schedules and buy lift tickets, event tickets and the Olympic Sites Passport, an all-access package that gets you into all the sites at a great price. Our friendly staff will answer questions about the venues, give you directions and help you get the most out of your visit. It also carries an array of unique Olympic Region and ECAC Men’s Hockey Championship merchandise—sweatshirts, hats, pins and posters you won't find elsewhere.