Fueled by confidence and pretzels, Keith Kinkaid has hit his stride with the Devils

Fueled by confidence and pretzels, Keith Kinkaid has hit his stride with the Devils

The following article was posted on www.si.com on Monday, October 22 featuring former Union goalie Keith Kinkaid. 

By: Alex Prewitt

NEWARK — Ten minutes into the third period on Oct. 14, the New Jersey Devils were nursing a 3–2 lead over San Jose when goalie Keith Kinkaid snared a slapshot for his 30th save, prompting a television timeout. As the ice crew at Prudential Center began its dry scrape, Kinkaid quickly skated to the home bench at Prudential Center and placed a drive-thru order with backup Eddie Lack.

“Hey, I’m kind of hungry,” Kinkaid said. “Can I get my pretzel?”

Lack nodded, unsurprised at the request. Among teammates, Kinkaid is famous for developing some powerful mid-game munchies. Over four-plus NHL seasons, the 29-year-old has crushed chicken fingers in Chicago, housed hot dogs at Montreal’s Bell Centre, and funneled buttered popcorn and barbecue sunflower seeds into empty water bottles … all while still dressed in his jersey and pads.

It used to be that Kinkaid only snuck snacks if he wasn’t playing that given night. (Boredom begets famine, as every idle netminder knows well.) But lately his tummy had been rumbling during starts, too. And so Lack reached down on the bench, fetched the helmet-sized soft pretzel that one of New Jersey’s equipment managers had delivered, and tore off a few pieces for Kinkaid to scarf down. “That was probably a first,” Lack says, recalling his brief deetour from pro goalie to concession stand worker. “You know what, though? That’s what makes him, him.”

Against the Sharks, Kinkaid only needed to finish a few bites before finishing the 3–2 victory with 37 saves. Two days later, however, he polished off an entire pretzel while simultaneously blanking Dallas, 3–0—the Devils’ fourth straight win to open their ‘18–19 schedule. “Our trainers approved it,” he explains with a smile and a shrug. “Get your carbs, get salt to help retain water. It’s tough to get protein bars down. They don’t taste appetizing. Not really in the mood for that.”

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