Alexander Kerfoot Looks to Build on Strong Rookie Season

Alexander Kerfoot Looks to Build on Strong Rookie Season

The following article was posted on on Monday, August 20 featuring former Harvard standout Alexander Kerfoot.

By Nadia Archuleta

Colorado Avalanche forward Alexander Kerfoot had a much better rookie season than I anticipated. He was fifth on the entire team for scoring and led all the rookies.

This was a young man whom some pundits scouted to have to spend time in the AHL, someone who wasn’t even expected to make an impact on an NHL team. Yet he became one of the most consistent players on the team. He never saw a ton of play time, average just over 12 minutes a game, though he spent some time on the second power play unit.

The sophomore season is going to be an important one for Kerfoot. He signed with Colorado as a college-graduate unrestricted free agent. Because of his age at the time, 23, the Avalanche signed him to a two-year deal with an AAV of $1,137,500. However, that makes the 2018-19 season a contract year.

So, let’s look at how our Harvard grad did last season and offer some areas of improvement for next year.

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