Teaching a Little Respect

Teaching a Little Respect

The following article appeared on on Wednesday, April 19, 2017, featuring Colgate alum, Jesse Winchester.

By Jonathon Brodie

Manning the Brockville Braves bench will be Jesse Winchester's first big head coaching gig.

The 33-year-old looks at his new opportunity as the club's ownership "taking a chance" on him. Co-owner Dustin Traylen probably isn't looking at it like that right now as he was beaming when watching Winchester work with groups of high school students at the Memorial Centre.

Braves management got their man, bringing him into the Brockville fold as the organization's U18 coach near the end of last season before announcing him as the Jr. A club's head coach.

Traylen and other co-owner Hani Greiss are enthusiastic about Winchester, but did Winchester want the Braves? When deciding on whether to take the job or not, the former Ottawa Senators player focused less on if the kind of approaches taken by himself and the owners would mesh. Instead he shined a light on the ultimate goal shared by both sides.

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